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New Castle County


Achieving Stronger, Safer, and Healthier Communities During and After COVID-19.

Funding Opportunities

New Castle County, using federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding, created a number of grant opportunities available for the community. The goals of these grants are to: 

  1. Reduce the impact of COVID-19 in our community

  2. To protect the most vulnerable

  3. To bring jobs back to New Castle County


We also want to create opportunities for New Castle County to grow and thrive for years to come. With the COVID-19 pandemic permeating every aspect of our lives and community, your efforts to quickly and effectively combat the challenges and stop the spread of the virus in our county are more important than ever. And we are here to help!


In the earliest stages of the pandemic, we immediately allocated resources to fund one of the fastest and most available COVID-19 testing programs in the country and on PPE supplies (masks, sanitizer, gloves, shields, gowns, etc.), emergency response services, and emergency assistance programs.


In collaboration with County Council, we then established the New Castle County CARES Act Task Force to oversee the responsible distribution of additional grant money. The Task Force ensures every dollar awarded is maximized to meet the most critical needs, serve our community with integrity and compassion, and make an impact. The Task Force also established an internal audit process to provide complete transparency for your taxpayer dollar.


Based on current federal law and US Department of Treasury guidance:

  • Any funds received must be spent by December 30, 2020.

  • Programs must address needs driven by the impact of COVID-19.

  • Funds may not be used to pay for expenses incurred before March 1, 2020.


The application deadlines for these County-initiated grant programs has expired, with the exception of the Winter-Ready Restaurant Grants.  The federal government has not acted to extend the spending deadline for this funding, so we will not be making additional grants at this time.    

Grant Programs

Winter Ready Restaurant Grant

Submission deadline: Grants will be distributed until all allocated funds are expended—we encourage you to submitted your application as soon as possible.


Apply now and join our fight against the pandemic by supporting one of our most critical business communities, helping to keep  New Castle County residents employed, and maintaining safe, healthy dining experiences for people countywide.


Available to: Locally owned restaurants and Delaware-based franchises


The mission of New Castle County CARES Winter Ready Restaurant Grant is to support local restaurants in successfully transitioning outdoor dining services for the fall and winter environment. Throughout the pandemic New Castle County Restaurants have done an exceptional job providing safe, compliant and quality outdoor dining experiences. Being able to continue this throughout the cooler months is important not only for the enjoyment and emotional wellness of our residents and visitors, but it is critical for the continued operation of neighborhood small businesses and the livelihood of thousands of employees. Locally owned restaurants in New Castle County—as well as Delaware-based franchises—that have a permit for outdoor space are encouraged to apply for support funding winterization needs necessities such as tents, heaters, propane, lighting, and furniture.


Distance Learning Grant

The submission period for this grant category is now closed.  


Apply now and join our fight against the pandemic by empowering more educational technologies, enhanced teacher training, and improved learning opportunities countywide.

Available to: Any public K-12 school in New Castle County, including school district schools and charter schools


The mission of New Castle County CARES Distance Learning Grants is to support educational institutions to bridge the distance-learning gap and implement successful virtual education programs for the 2020-2021 school year. Principals at districts and K-12 charter schools in New Castle County are encouraged to apply for funding or reimbursement for programs and resources such as faculty training in virtual education, technology, hardware and software, PPE, equipment and coaching support for families in need, or to fund innovative distance learning solutions. Funds will be awarded on a per-pupil basis.

Food Distribution Grant

The submission period for this grant category is now closed. 


Apply now and join our fight against the pandemic by helping achieve greater food equity, peace of mind for families, and stronger communities countywide.

Available to: Any group or organization providing food assistance to those most in need


The mission of New Castle County CARES Food Distribution Grants is to support organizations in feeding our neighbors, meeting the most critical food-supply needs, and elevating food security throughout the county. Community-based organizations, nonprofits, houses of worship, and other organizations implementing programs to eliminate hunger are encouraged to apply for funding to purchase resources required to restock pantries and provide food directly to those in need. Funds will be awarded proportionately based on the size of the population served.


Health Equity Grant

The submission period for this grant category is now closed.  

Apply now and join our fight against the pandemic by empowering greater access to care, healthier people, and safer communities countywide.

Available to: Any established hospital, medical or public health group or organization

The mission of New Castle County CARES Health Equity Grant Program is to specifically support organizations in closing the gaps in health disparities by expanding access to quality care for underserved individuals and families. Community-based organizations, nonprofits, small businesses, houses of worship, and others are encouraged to apply for funding or reimbursement to provide health services and resources to populations disproportionately challenged by the pandemic. Programs must have a direct connection to combating the impact of COVID-19. Funds will be awarded based on a competitive structure.

Innovation Grant

The submission period for this grant category is now closed.

Apply now and join our fight against the pandemic by bringing to life better solutions, stronger businesses, and safer communities countywide.

Available to: Any business, group or individual

The mission of New Castle County CARES Innovation Grants is to specifically support businesses and entrepreneurs in innovating new programs and technologies to expedite increased coronavirus safety and establish foundations for a strong economy, healthy people, and thriving community for years to come. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and health and science organizations are encouraged to apply for funding to support programs focused on, for example, technological solutions, job creation, and attracting tech companies and talent to the county. Funds will be awarded based on a competitive structure.

Notice of Funding

Fire Hoses

Municipality and Fire Company Reimbursement

Apply now and join our fight against the pandemic by empowering more emergency resources, better equipment for first responders, and stronger communities countywide.

Available to: Any incorporated municipality in New Castle County or any 501(c)(3) fire company

The mission of New Castle County CARES Emergency Assistance Reimbursement program is to support emergency service teams in ensuring the safety of our communities during the pandemic. Municipalities and fire companies who have been working to provide responsive, potentially lifesaving care to individuals and families in New Castle County are encouraged to apply for reimbursement for the costs of supplies and other resources required for your service. Applicants must first submit a notarized certification form, which will be processed to provide authorized users with credentials that can then be used to submit reimbursement requests. 

Additional Support


Experienced teams are ready to assist you in completing applications to help ensure timely, comprehensive submissions.

Delaware Small Business Development Center

Our New Castle County CARES Grant technical support partner can work with applicants on making their application as competitive as possible.


We encourage all businesses and organizations in New Castle County to explore the opportunities below for potential added support of your mission.


New Castle County CARES Grants are just one of the many ways we are working to ensure the health of our people and build stronger communities for the present and future. We encourage you to explore these additional opportunities for funding to support your initiatives in New Castle County.

Delaware Nonprofit Support Fund

Apply now and empower our fight by helping ensure our neighbors and families feeling the impact of COVID-19 have the critical services and support they need to navigate the challenges while achieving health and wellbeing.


Available to: Delaware nonprofit organizations that provide critical services during the pandemic, excluding organizations that qualify for assistance under the State of Delaware Relief Grants Program


The Delaware Nonprofit Support Fund is jointly funded by the State of Delaware and New Castle County and utilizes $25 million of federal allocations provided by the CARES Act.


Funds distributed through this opportunity will work to maintain a robust and sustainable nonprofit community across the state by supporting organizations experiencing extra strain due to COVID-19. Qualifying nonprofits can receive funds for reimbursement of basic operational expenses and increased caseloads brought on by the pandemic. Services eligible for assistance will meet the most critical needs in the community and include, but may not be limited to: homeless and shelter assistance, food assistance, substance abuse and domestic abuse counseling and services, assistance for Delaware residents who lost employment, and services for youth in crisis.

State of Delaware Relief Grants

Apply now and join our fight against the pandemic by providing relief to businesses and organizations harmed by COVID-19.

Available to: Qualifying Delaware small businesses and organizations


Delaware Relief Grants give Delaware small businesses and nonprofit organizations access to funds to cover expenses and provide relief related to COVID-19. The program is the largest ever small business and organizational assistance program in Delaware history and is a joint initiative from the state of Delaware and New Castle County. The total amount of funding available is $100 million.

Delaware State Housing Authority Emergency Rental and Mortgage Assistance Program

Apply now and join our fight against the pandemic by providing shelter security to thousands of our most vulnerable residents.

Available to: All Delawareans


The Delaware Housing Assistance Program can assist renters in arrears and with current rent up to $5000. 


The Delaware Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program provides emergency housing assistance to homeowners affected by COVID-19, assisting homeowners at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure due to pandemic-related job loss, reduced work hours or unpaid leave. Eligible homeowners can apply for up to $5000 per household. 


These two programs represent a historic collaboration between the state of Delaware and New Castle County, providing $40 million of assistance to Delawareans to make sure that even in a public health and economic crisis, every Delawarean has a place to call home.


Changing lives. Impacting our future.

In neighborhoods across New Castle County, our CARES Grant recipients are hard at work, not only making a difference for men, women and families who are challenged during these times—but establishing the access to support and networks of care that ultimately benefit our entire community. On the job, every day, these organizations and businesses dedicate their teams and resources to meet immediate needs while at the same time provide the empowerment that leads to stronger futures. We look forward to sharing their stories soon to demonstrate the impact New Castle County CARES Grants have on all of our lives. Please check back here shortly to learn more about our grants in action.

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Grants in Action
  • Can I apply to more than one NCC CARES Act grant?
    Yes, an organization may apply for funding through multiple programs. However, funding for a particular request will only be provided once.
  • How will grant applications be reviewed?
    There are various mechanisms we’ll use including committee scoring and input, quality of application and level of need.
  • Will there be another round of opportunities to apply for CARES grants that have already passed deadline?
    Currently, there are no additional rounds of CARES Act grant funding scheduled. Keep in mind, that does not mean there will not me. New Castle County and the CARES Act committees have the right to re-open grant applications at any time.
  • Do I have to use my grant CARES funding by a certain date?
    Yes, at this time, the Department of Treasury guidance on CARES Act funding requires that funds be expended by December 30, 2020.
  • Can these grants reimburse me for income loss?
    Department of Treasury guidance prohibits CARES Act funding from being used to cover losses in revenue.

For the CARES Act Spending Checkbook, which is updated weekly, visit!/year/All%20Years/

For information on U.S. Department of Treasury Guidance or NCC’s CARES Act Task Force Committees, visit​

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