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Changing lives. Impacting our future.

We are currently distributing CARES Grant funding to help meet ongoing and growing pandemic-driven needs in our community. In neighborhoods across New Castle County, our CARES Grant recipients are hard at work, not only making a difference for men, women and families who are challenged during these times—but being responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars to establish the access to support and networks of care that ultimately benefit our entire community. On the job, every day, these organizations and businesses dedicate their teams and resources to meet immediate needs while at the same time provide the empowerment that leads to stronger futures.

CARES Act Funding Commitments

within New Castle County


From helping ensure local business stay open and able to employ our residents to bridging the gaps in health care, nutrition, education and more, CARES Act funding is at work every day to help ensure the people and communities of New Castle County remain safe, strong and supported through the pandemic.

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CARES Act Funding of Statewide Programs

Supporting New Castle Communities and Beyond


New Castle County is proud to be the first county in the country to cost share from our allocation of CARES Act funding to support critical programs administered by our State Government.

In this time of crisis, collaboration of federal, state and local governments is more important than ever to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the people we serve. This is why New Castle County selected six Delaware State programs to support with a portion of our CARES Act funding. These programs are focused on easing the burdens and challenges of COVID-19, provide significant support to New Castle County residents, businesses and organizations, and have been responsibly chosen based on their potential impact on our county’s efforts during the pandemic. By empowering programs statewide, New Castle County is enhancing the effectiveness of county initiatives also supported by the CARES Act—and, ultimately, making our fight against COVID-19 even stronger.


The Delaware statewide programs being supported by New Castle County CARES Act funding are:

  • Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund

  • Essential Childcare Program

  • Statewide COVID-19 Testing Program

  • Statewide COVID-19 Contact Tracing Program

  • Enhanced Rent and Utility Program

  • Hospitality Emergency Loan Program


Distance Learning Grants

New Castle County Schools working together to achieve educational excellence for every child during COVID-19

We thank and congratulate the approximate 100 public schools in New Castle County that are putting CARES Grant funds to work to help ensure no child in our community is left behind. From ensuring reliable technology to providing critical support for student and parents adapting to distance learning, these grantees are getting the job done and continuing New Castle County’s tradition of quality education despite the challenges of COVID-19.

School Days

AG Waters Middle School makes an impact with innovative solutions to hybrid learning. The school’s “Distance and Hybrid Learning Support for Students and Teachers” initiative empowers students by maintaining many traditional learning attributes and leveraging new opportunities offered by virtual formats.

Food Distribution Grants

Feeding our neighbors in need with compassion, dignity and dedication to health and wellness

With the pandemic elevating food security challenges throughout our neighborhoods, efforts to expand availability of meals and nutritional resources to underserved individuals and families in New Castle County is more important than ever. We are fortunate to have dozens of CARES Food Distribution Grant recipients dedicating their time and resources to empower greater food equity, peace of mind for families, and stronger communities countywide.

Volunteers Serving Food

Path of Life Outreach is keeping our communities well fed and supported week after week. Providing free meals, fruit and vegetables, the Path of Life walk-up and mobile pantries are now serving twice as many people as they were at the start of the pandemic.

Health Equity Grants

Empowering greater access to care, healthier people, and safer communities countywide.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to elevate health challenges in our neighborhoods, New Castle County is fortunate to have many respected, caring and qualified individuals hard at work to expand access to care for underserved individuals and families. From supporting seniors in telehealth capabilities to ensuring mental health concerns are addressed to removing barriers to care for minority populations at risk for COVID-19, together community-based organizations, houses of worship, nonprofits and other groups are creating a network of care throughout the county.

Doctor with Computer

Global Investment Foundation for Tomorrow (GIFT) is helping combat depression, anxiety and other stress through its “Veterans Virtual MBSR Training and Support” initiative. By virtually and safely interacting with individuals experiencing emotional challenges during the pandemic, GIFT helps to establish the foundations of mental wellness for now and for a lifetime!


If you’re interested in learning more about and applying for a New Castle County CARES grant, or if you have an initiative you feel could benefit from the support of other programs, such as Delaware’s COVID-19 Relief Grants, learn more here, email [[email address]], or call [phone].

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